LMB , represented by Luís Miguel Ramos Lomba, with TIN number 207 727 899, located at Rua Silva Vieira Bloco G 85 R / C Drt, 4750-334 Barcelos - Portugal, presents the following Terms & Conditions for your online store, called LMB or Lombardia .

Access to and use of this website, as well as the products and services available, are subject to the conditions set out below.

By using this website, the customer is agreeing to the conditions of use of the website, which may be updated occasionally. We advise you to visit this page regularly to keep abreast of any changes that may have been made to them.

Access to this website is permitted on a temporary basis and we reserve the right to withdraw or change services and / or products without prior notice. We are not responsible if, for any reason, this site is unavailable for a certain period of time. We may occasionally restrict access to some areas of it.

LMB not responsible for damages or losses that may arise from the use of any information contained in this website.

Some links on this site redirect the customer to external sites, partners of LMB . By clicking on these links, you will be leaving the LMB website. As we have no control over these sites, we are not responsible for the material present on them.

To place an order, the customer must be over 18 years old and undertakes to provide true data that will allow the successful processing of your order.

For all purposes, LMB considers that a legal person is identified and individualized by the connection between its corporate name, registered office and identification number of the legal person.

Due to possible changes in raw materials and / or suppliers, the images on the website may not correspond exactly to the actual product , keeping the characteristics of the product constant.

Prices are valid unless there is a typo or stock break.

Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.


Portuguese law applies to this agreement.

For the resolution of disputes arising from this contract, the Barcelos District court is competent, with express waiver of any other.


The LMB allows you to place orders easily, quickly and intuitively. To receive your products safely and comfortably at an address of your choice, you only have to follow a few simple steps. Start by choosing the product you want to buy, select the type of packaging, if applicable, and the number of units you want to receive for that product and add it to your shopping cart by clicking on the " ADD TO CART " button. At this stage, you can continue shopping, viewing other products to add to your cart, or you can complete your purchase by clicking on the " PROCEED TO PAY " button. After you have added all the products you want to order to your cart, the " VIEW CART "or" VIEW CART "will take you to a summary screen for your order. Here, you can consult various information related to your order, such as the products included in it, its total cost, among others. You will also have the opportunity to use here the fantastic discount coupons related to campaigns in force at LMB . After verifying that all the order details are in accordance with your order, click on the button " CHECKOUT ". This button will take you to the payment platform of your choice. By clicking on " FINALIZE ORDER ", you will be redirected to the last purchase procedures, divided into 4 simple and informative steps:


    In this step, you will be able to choose the billing data about the products being purchased. By clicking on " NEXT STEP ", you will proceed to the third stage, the " MORADA DE ENVIO ".


    In this step, you can choose the place where you will receive your order, the transport service that will transport your purchases (if applicable) and, if available, you will also have an estimate of when you will receive your products. By clicking on " NEXT STEP ", you will proceed to the third step, " PAYMENT ".


    Among the various payment methods that LMB offers, this step will give you the option to choose the one that is most convenient for you. By clicking on " NEXT STEP ", you will proceed to the fourth and last stage of the process, " PAY " or " PAY ".


    After these steps, you will receive a confirmation email, where you will find data such as your order number and other relevant information.

If you encounter any problems when placing an order at LMB , please contact our Customer Service and you will have access to a team of professionals who will provide you with all the information you may need regarding our products and services.


Except for rare exceptions other than LMB , all orders completed and paid for by Credit Card, PayPal, ATM, Bank Transfer, MBWAY, etc. *, will be dispatched on the same day, as long as payment has been made by 12:00 the same business day. Orders paid after that time will be shipped the next business day. The payment option by bank transfer * will have a confirmation period that will vary between 24h and 5 working days (depending on the bank of origin of the transfer). In this payment method, LMB has no control over the execution period of the banking LMB , which is the responsibility of the Client's Bank. In these cases, the order will be shipped on the day we receive confirmation of payment from the bank. If we have any questions related to the order (delivery address, payment confirmation, out of stock products, etc.), we will contact the customer through our Customer Support. We will wait for a response for three business days. The order will not be shipped until we get a reply to our message. If we do not get a response within this time, we will cancel the order and refund the customer.

* Some of the payment methods mentioned above may not be available at the time of purchase.


    Once the order is shipped, the customer will receive a confirmation email with the respective invoice, the assigned shipping number. You can follow the status of your order through the " Follow Order " feature, available on the LMB website.

    The customer may also have access to that link, by logging into his account and clicking on the "Orders" tab available on the page presented when he starts his session. By clicking on an order line in the left-hand column entitled "Order history", you will be provided with all information about it in the right-hand column called "Order details".

    Attempting to track the order online upon receipt of the shipping confirmation email may not return any results. In fact, shipping information can take up to 24 hours after receipt of the shipment confirmation to be updated on the LMB website.

    Orders are delivered Monday through Friday, with the exception of local or national holidays, to the address the customer indicates when placing orders.

    The customer can receive the order wherever he wishes (except in PO boxes), from Monday to Friday. To do this, just provide us with the address where you will be present between 9am and 7pm. An delivery attempt will be made by a courier from the contracted carrier or chosen method (if applicable) at the address indicated by the customer.

    If the order is placed using large volumes (pallets, among others), the Customer must ensure that it has the conditions and equipment to unload this merchandise at its facilities, since the carrier does not have these resources in its entire fleet.

    NOTICE: It is not possible to choose a specific delivery time, as it will be conditioned by the route defined by the carrier for the courier on the day of delivery.

    Providing an incorrect or incomplete delivery address may result in your return to LMB , resulting in additional costs for the customer, so we recommend that the customer always make sure that the delivery address indicated when registering the order is indeed correct and complete. Once the order has been processed, it is not possible to change the delivery address or the billing data you have specified.


    Continental Portugal

    Once your order is shipped, we guarantee a delivery time of between 1 to 3 working days, unless the delivery address is in a remote area. In this case, the delivery time will be 2 working days. The deadline may be longer in the case of goods of large dimensions and / or large quantities.

    Madeira and Azores

    Shipments to Madeira and the Azores are made exclusively by CTT. The delivery time depends on the shipping method chosen:

    Air shipping:
    1. Madeira: 1 working day
    2. Azores: 4 to 7 working days
    Sea Shipping
    1. Madeira: up to 5 working days
    2. Azores: 7 to 15 working days

    Attention: shipments to Corvo and Flores Islands can take up to 12 more working days than normal.

    NOTICE: Delivery times are indicative and, therefore, are only considered valid when there are no physical or structural impediments (example: incorrect addresses or force majeure setbacks, such as strikes, connection losses, bad weather, etc.).


    Shipping costs are automatically calculated by our system and depend on the following factors:

    1. actual or volumetric weight of the order (whichever is higher);
    2. carriers' tariffs, which undergo periodic updates.

    Shipping costs are automatically updated as the customer adds items to the shopping cart.

    * Offer valid only for mainland Portugal.


LMB offers the customer several types of coupons with different purposes. Are they:

  1. Refund coupons

    They are an option offered by LMB in order to expedite the refund to the customer. They take the form of alphanumeric codes and are provided by the Customer Support service, through the helpdesk. These coupons result from the handling of incidents related to products sent by LMB or from returns made by customers and always assume the amount paid for the product in question, discounting it in a next order. The expiration date of these coupons is 12 months after creation and allows multiple use. This way, the coupon will only be inactive when the balance and / or the application validity have expired. The use of this type of coupon does not prevent the simultaneous use of the other coupons mentioned.

  2. Product shipping coupons with next order

    They are a product replacement option offered by LMB . They take the form of alphanumeric codes and are provided by the Customer Support service, through the helpdesk. They result from the treatment of incidents related to products sent by LMB or from returns made by customers. They allow the customer to add the products in question to their new order at zero cost and have no expiration date associated with them.

  3. Business coupons

    They result from the interaction between the customer and the Customer Support service, in the exchange of suggestions, improvements and complaints. They are related to LMB constant concern in raising the level of customer satisfaction. They take the form of alphanumeric codes and are provided by the Customer Support service, through the helpdesk. Their application is unique, so the non-full use of the value associated with them implies the loss of the right to the remaining balance in the coupon. They are valid for 6 months.

  4. Promotional campaign coupons

    They allow the customer to take advantage of promotions disseminated through LMB direct means of communication LMB as e-mail or social networks, or the disclosure by LMB partners or representatives. They are presented in the form of codes, which can be alphanumeric or exclusively alphabetic. The promotions obtained through this type of coupon are immediately reflected in the shopping cart, be it an effective discount on the order value or the addition of offer products. The validity and use of this type of coupons is specific to each campaign and is subject to the conditions present in the media.

General conditions of use

The customer will have the power to decide on the application of the coupons, leaving to their discretion which type of coupon best meets their needs. The application of any coupon implies the insertion and validation of the code, in the text box provided for that same purpose, in the last step of the order checkout.

Payment methods

    1. Credit card

      The customer will be able to pay by credit card and enjoy the advantages of liquidity and payment terms offered by his bank. All transactions on our website are secure.

      1. Is it safe to pay with my card online?

        LMB uses a sophisticated mechanism for detecting and preventing fraudulent actions. Through this solution, it is possible to verify the authenticity of payments made online, while safeguarding, at the same time, the integrity and security of customer data, as well as their identification.

        This security is made possible by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology, which encrypts the communications produced between the client's computer and our server, so that they cannot be intercepted. As such, LMB reserves the right to refuse payment for an order for a transaction that is considered illegal. Any and all activities considered illegal will be immediately reported to the competent authorities.

      2. How do I pay with a credit card?

        After selecting the credit card payment option and clicking on "Confirm and Pay", the customer will be presented with a window, where they must indicate the necessary details of their credit card, namely the number, expiration date and code security, and click on the "Pay" or "Pay" button.

        If payment is declined, a message will be displayed to the customer indicating the error found in their shopping cart window. In these situations, we suggest the customer to try again and, if the problem persists, we recommend that you contact your bank or credit card issuing authority for more information.

        Once payment is made, the amount will be debited from the customer's credit card account. If, for any reason, we have to cancel part or all of the order, we will refund the corresponding amount within 5 working days. The transaction will be reflected in the customer's card statement after 2 business days from the date it was made.

        In order to protect our customers from potential fraud, we may eventually ask for additional information in order to facilitate payment analysis. If we do not receive a response to our request within 3 working days, we will cancel the order and refund it.

        Warning: Payments are always made in euros, even when prices are shown in other currencies. Some banking entities may charge exchange rates. LMB is totally unaware of this fact and assumes no responsibility for it.

    2. Paypal

      Paypal payment is a secure method used worldwide. For more information on this payment method, visit www.paypal.com .

      Save data for future Paypal transactions

      By subscribing to this option, the customer will not need to access the Paypal page in a next purchase. The purchase amount in question will be automatically debited from the Paypal account used when subscribing this option.

      At any time, the customer can access the Paypal account and remove this option. To do this, you must access the menus Profile> My money> My pre-approved payments. There, all pre-approved payments will appear and you just need to cancel the payment associated with LMB .

      IMPORTANT NOTE: LMB does not store any login data for the customer's Paypal account.

    3. Bank transfer

      If you choose this method, you will receive an email with the data to be able to make the payment. The order will be valid for 3 days and at the end of this period, it will be canceled. The order will be shipped on the same day, if payment is made by 2 pm on a business day. Orders paid after that time will be shipped the next business day.

      Products are reserved for 4 days. If LMB does not receive payment for the order during this period, the order will be canceled.


        It is very simple, you should go to the nearest ATM and, through your ATM or credit card, you can make transfers. You must enter the PIN of your card and then you will have access to a wide range of options, select "Transfers" and fill in the spaces with the IBAN (International Bank Account Number) and the amount you want to transfer.

        Then a new window will appear with the name of the account holder and the amount you want to send, after confirming all the data you can click on continue / confirm. If you have digitized an IBAN (International Bank Account Number) number incorrectly and it appears invalid or someone else's name, you can always cancel the operation.

        Ensure greater security and always keep proof of the ATM transfers you make.


        First, you should access your bank's Homebanking page and log into your account, then the process is very identical to that of Multibanco. Click on “Bank transfers” then fill in the data and the respective amount, at the end of the operation you will receive a digital receipt, keep it for greater security. Do not forget to indicate the number of your order, among other data that will facilitate the handling of your order.


        For those who have never made a bank transfer, this is a very pertinent question. Before making the transfer, you must inform yourself correctly about the deadlines established by each bank, only then will you avoid embarrassing situations in which you commit to someone and, due to the time of the transfer, the money is not available on the established date. First of all, you should inquire with your banking institution about the established deadlines. There are some exceptions but, as a rule, the deadlines set by banks are as follows:

        1. Transfers made until 3 pm (same bank) - The transfer will be available in the account on the same day;
        2. Transfers after 3 pm (same bank) - The money may only be available the next day;
        3. Transfers until 3 pm (different banks) - The transfer may take up to 24 hours;
        4. Transfers after 3 pm (different banks) - Money may take up to 48 hours to be available in the destination account.

        When it comes to a transfer at the same bank (intrabank), no commission is normally imposed, since if it is between different banks (interbank) a certain amount may be charged.

        Before executing your bank transfer, you should inquire about the costs applied by the banks, depending on the method used (ATM, homebanking or bank counter).


        Addressing banking institutions, during their opening hours, you can make bank transfers at national and international level. The costs applied in transfers can vary according to each bank, so it is advisable to inquire beforehand. In order to make a bank transfer in Europe, banks usually require the following data:

        1. Beneficiary's full name (Account Holder);
        2. Amount to be transferred;
        3. IBAN (International Bank Account Number) which has a maximum of 34 characters;
        4. International Bank identification code, in English Bank Identifier Code (BIC) or SWIFT ;
        5. Destination address and country;
        6. You can also leave some information in the “Observations” space.

        For countries outside Europe, the process is the same, the only distinction is that you must indicate which currency is used. If you want to choose to make an international bank transfer using the Homebanking service, there are banks that allow you to do it quickly and safely.

    4. ATM

      ATM payments can be made through the ATM network or through your Homebanking.

      At the end of your order, an ATM reference will be generated. The customer will receive this reference in the order confirmation email, although it is also available in the "Order details", in the "Orders" tab in the customer's LMB account.

      To pay at an ATM, the customer must select the "Payment for Services / Purchases" option and enter the corresponding entity, reference and amount.

      The order will be shipped on the same day, if payment is made by 2 pm on a business day. Orders paid after that time will be shipped the next business day.

      Products are reserved for 4 days. If LMB does not receive payment for the order during this period, the order will be canceled.

    5. Payments via MB WAY

      MB WAY works like Multibanco and / or Bank Transfer. You can also have your virtual credit card. Everything is done through the application itself and allows the payment / transfer to be available on the spot, allowing the order to be shipped right away. MB WAY allows you to:

      1. Make instant transfers
      2. Create virtual credit cards to make your purchases (MB NET)
      3. Other features (see website)

      To do this, you should consult the MB WAY website, download the application, register at a ATM and start using it. See how to proceed by consulting the MB WAY website .

      If you want to make payment at LMB by means of a transfer, you must place the number 966 586 020 as the recipient. In the message, indicate your order number so that we can identify it simply and without delay.

      If it is by credit card, the procedure will be automatic and your order will be shipped at the time of payment confirmation.

    6. Payment Collection

      When choosing the payment on charge, the customer will only have to pay the order upon delivery.

      Orders made with this payment method are limited to a maximum amount of € 250.

      Payment, depending on the freight forwarder, can be made with a debit card or in cash. If you choose to pay in cash, you will have to provide the exact amount of the charge, as couriers are not required to have change. In fact, if the amount paid is higher than the charge, the customer will risk losing the difference.

      LMB reserves the right to cancel a charge order if the customer's history shows previous orders registered with the same payment method and not delivered at the customer's responsibility.

      The customer may, however, register a new order, selecting another available payment method: Credit Card, PayPal , ATM or Bank Transfer.

      This payment method is only available for mainland Portugal and may involve an increase of 24 hours in the delivery of the order.

      Attention: If you choose to send via CTT, payment on collection will have an additional cost of € 2.50.

      Note: Some of the options listed here may not be available at the time of purchase or may be unavailable indefinitely.

Returns and Exchanges

  1. Orders not delivered to the customer

    In the event that a prepaid order is returned to LMB for reasons not attributable to LMB or the freight forwarder, LMB will refund the amount paid for it, less shipping and return costs. Prepaid orders are those paid by Credit Card, PayPal, ATM, Direct Debit or Bank Transfer.

    The customer can choose to receive a refund using the original payment method or through a refund coupon that can be used on a future order. The coupon will be valid for 12 months from the date of creation. After this period, there will be no refund. In case the original payment was made by ATM or Bank Transfer, the customer will have to provide the bank details for the refund to be made.

    If the reason for the failed delivery and return of the order is the responsibility of the freight forwarder, regardless of the payment method chosen, the customer will have to send us a written complaint that will be analyzed by the freight forwarder. In case the problem with the delivery was caused by an incorrect or incomplete address, we ask the customer to attach a proof of address (for example, electricity, water or gas bill) to the claim.

    The solution LMB present to the customer will depend on the answer given by the freight forwarder. Thus, in the case of complaints originated by the transport service, we will only be able to present a solution to the customer after receiving a response from the freight forwarder. If the freight forwarder accepts full responsibility for the return of the order and if all items originally ordered are available, we will suggest the customer to reship at no additional cost. If the original order was paid for by Credit Card, PayPal, ATM or Bank Transfer, instead of a replacement order, the customer can opt for a refund. If the freight forwarder does not accept responsibility, we will not be able to accept the claim, which means that a refund or replacement order will be subject to the above-mentioned terms regarding orders returned for reasons not attributable to LMB or the freight forwarder.

  2. Order cancellation

    The customer will only be able to cancel his order if it has not yet been paid and is not yet being processed. If so, you only need to access your account, click on "My account LMB " and select the option "Orders". In the "Order history" column, the customer must select the order he wants to cancel and, in the "Order details" column, he must click on the "Cancel order" button. Once the order is canceled, you will be presented with a confirmation message.

    The cancellation of orders is only possible through the process mentioned above. Any and all requests made by other means cannot be granted.

  3. Returns

    If the customer wants to return one or more items, he can do so within 14 days of receiving the order, provided that the products are intact, sealed, complete and in the original packaging, which cannot be damaged, altered or scratched. The customer must ensure that the returned item (s) arrives at our premises within 28 days of delivery.

    To exercise his right of return, the customer must contact our Customer Support, specify the order number, description or reference of the product (s) he wants to return and what form of refund he wants. The refund can be made through the original payment method or through a refund coupon, which is valid for 12 months from the date of issue. After that period, there will be no further refund.

    The customer will also have to pay attention to whether the product he intends to return has been purchased as part of a promotional campaign and if, for that reason, he has benefited from any offer product. If so, you must return not only the product in question, but also the offer that was assigned to you with your purchase. Both products must comply with the previously mentioned guidelines.

    It is only possible to return a pack in its entirety. If the customer wants to return a product that belongs to a pack, he must return all products that make up the same pack. All products must comply with the guidelines mentioned above.

    The customer must send us the item (s) to the following address:


    Rua Vieira da Silva, Bloco G, 85 R / C Drt

    4750-334 Barcelos


    The return of incomplete, damaged or scratched products, as well as products without the original packaging and / or label, or products with signs of having been used, will not be accepted.

    It will also not be accepted to return products that have an expiration date of less than one month.

    If we receive an item under the conditions mentioned above or with the freight forwarder's label attached directly to the package, the customer will lose the right to be refunded and will have 10 days to collect the item (s) at our facilities, bearing the costs of collection .

    1. Exchanges

      The customer must return the item (s), request a refund and make a new purchase. The entire return process is properly described in the section RETURNS .

    2. Refund methods

      LMB will do its best to reimburse the customer as quickly as possible, while safeguarding, however, a maximum period of 15 days after receiving the return at our warehouses.

      If payment was made by credit card, the refund will be made on the card itself and will appear on the next statement. *

      If payment has been made by Paypal, the refund will be credited to the respective Paypal account and will be available immediately. *

      If payment has been made by Bank Transfer or ATM, the customer will be asked to provide us with the details of the account to which they want the refund amount to be transferred. *

      * The payment methods mentioned above may not be available.

      The customer can also choose to be refunded through a discount coupon, regardless of the original payment method. The coupon will be valid for 12 months from the date of creation. After this period, there will be no refund.

    3. Refund of shipping costs

      If the reason for returning the order was LMB 's responsibility, we will reimburse the respective shipping costs (example: defective products or different from the items actually ordered).

      However, if, in an order for multiple products, only one has a problem, we will not refund your shipping costs.


In the event of a dispute, we inform you that the consumer can use the Alternative Dispute Resolution entities identified on the consumer portal, on the website www.consumidor.pt , or on Online Dispute Resolution identified on the website https: //webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr .

The existing alternative dispute resolution entities are as follows:

Algarve Consumer Conflict Information, Measurement and Arbitration Center
Geographic area covered - contracts concluded in the District of Faro

E-mail: support@consumidoronline.pt
Web: http://www.consumidoronline.pt/

Consumer Disputes Arbitration Center of the District of Coimbra
Geographic area covered - contracts signed in the municipalities of: Arganil, Cantanhede, Coimbra, Condeixa-a-Nova, Figueira da Foz, Góis, Lousã, Mira, Miranda do Corvo, Montemor-o-Velho, Oliveira do Hospital, Penacova, Penela, Soure, Tábua, Vila Nova de Poiares.

E-mail: geral@centrodearbitragemdecoimbra.com
Web: http://www.centrodearbitragemdecoimbra.com

Lisbon Consumer Conflict Arbitration Center
Geographic coverage area - contracts signed in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area: Lisbon, Alcochete, Almada, Amadora, Azambuja, Barreiro, Cascais, Lisbon, Loures, Mafra, Moita, Montijo, Odivelas, Oeiras, Palmela, Seixal, Sesimbra, Setúbal, Sintra and Vila Franca de Xira.

E-mail: juridico@centroarbitragemlisboa.pt / director@centroarbitragemlisboa.pt
Web: http://www.centroarbitragemlisboa.pt

Porto Consumer and Arbitration Information Center
Geographic coverage area - contracts signed in the Porto Metropolitan Area: Arouca, Espinho, Gondomar, Maia, Matosinhos, Oliveira de Azeméis, Porto, Póvoa de Varzim, Santa Maria da Feira, Santo Tirso, São João da Madeira, Trofa, Vale de Cambra, Valongo, Vila do Conde and Vila Nova de Gaia.

E-mail: cicap@mail.telepac.pt
Web: http://www.cicap.pt

Vale do Ave Consumer Conflict Arbitration Center / Arbitral Tribunal
Geographic coverage area - contracts signed in the municipalities of: Cabeceiras de Basto, Fafe, Felgueiras, Guimarães, Póvoa de Lanhoso, Póvoa de Varzim, Santo Tirso, Trofa, Vila do Conde, Vila Nova de Famalicão, Vizela, Vieira do Minho and Vizela .

Email: triave@gmail.com
Web: http://www.triave.pt

CIAB - Center for Information, Arbitration and Consumer Conflicts
Geographical area of Amares, Arcos de Valdevez, Barcelos, Braga, Caminha, Esposende, Melgaço, Monção, Montalegre, Paredes de Coura, Ponte da Barca, Póvoa do Lanhoso, Terras do Bouro, Valença, Viana do Castelo, Vila Nova de Cerveira, Vieira do Minho and Vila Verde.

Email: geral@ciab.pt
Web: http://www.ciab.pt

Madeira Consumer Conflict Arbitration Center

Email: centroarbitragem.sras@gov-madeira.pt
Web: http://www.srrh.gov-madeira.pt

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