About Us

LMB LOMBARDIA is a clothing brand founded and registered in 2007. We design, develop and produce clothing products offering the latest fashion trends combined with street and urban wear. Details that offer exclusivity, using the best materials and the best manufacturing techniques, putting as main objective the best quality and comfort.

We are a fast-fashion brand, where every month new models are idealized and developed, meeting the diverse needs of each consumer.

We create fashion products for determined and confident customers, believing that this is not just a clothing brand, but a lifestyle.


We are a brand that combines irreverent style with casual street style, inspired by this culture that is increasingly on the rise, influencing mostly young people. We combine from the most unique and retro patterns with details from the most exclusive to the simplest and most casual patterns, always with the unique personality of our brand. We idealize a lifestyle, a community that is influenced by youth culture and that marks society with its clothes, a community LMB LOMBARDIA